True Anomaly Announces Digital and On-Orbit Range Solutions Engineered to Ensure Space Readiness

Department of Defense can tap new technology to test, train, and prepare capabilities and operators via live and digital environments

CENTENNIAL, Colo. - June 20, 2023 - True Anomaly, Inc., the technology company dedicated to solving space security and sustainability challenges, today unveiled its Digital Range application as well as its On-Orbit Range service, offering both digital and live solutions for high-fidelity test events, tactics validation, threat replication, and operator training.

“Each military service needs a dedicated test and training range to prepare for real-world scenarios,” said True Anomaly CEO Even Rogers. ”Ranges are the focal point of test, training, and tactics development. They serve an important function for building culture and trust between commanders and operators. Ranges also significantly improve systems and capabilities through data-rich feedback.”

True Anomaly’s range solutions will provide a seamless environment in which to combine live space vehicles, ground system operations, and digital models for efficient, safe, and repeatable test and training that will integrate with and augment the Department of Defense’s (DoD) planned orbital range capacity.

“As a new service operating in a less understood and less accessible operational domain, it is critical for the U.S. Space Force to build modern, responsive live and digital ranges,” Rogers continued. “True Anomaly is proud to offer Guardians a controlled environment where they can master the unique systems and tactics, techniques, and procedures necessary to prepare for and avoid unnecessary losses in the battlespace of the future.”

True Anomaly’s Jackal autonomous orbital vehicles (AOVs) will enable the company’s On-Orbit range service. The first two Jackal satellites are slated to launch into low-Earth orbit in February aboard a SpaceX Transporter-10 mission with initial demonstrations to follow.
The Digital Range application will allow users to perform test and training functions with virtual Jackal AOVs, simulated “red” and “blue” assets, and a library of simulated systems, capabilities and scenarios.

Both Digital and On-Orbit Range will offer users the ability to:

  • Test, train, debrief, and repeat in an end-to-end, operationally relevant environment.
  • Validate and test tactics for an existing or hypothetical spacecraft, replicate threats, and exercise space security missions in a safe and secure manner.
  • Rapidly gain feedback and distribute learnings more efficiently with test report exportation and full visual playback.
  • Characterize the attitude, orientation, maneuverability, payloads, and internal structure of actual and simulated space objects using photometry and resolved imagery.
  • Integrate and visualize data from space and ground-based sensors across classification levels into a single dashboard powered by True Anomaly’s dynamic operating system.
  • True Anomaly’s first-of-its-kind, combined digital and live approach to range solutions features rapid deployment capabilities, unprecedented flexibility, and substantial cost savings.

“True Anomaly’s range solutions will deliver optimal test and training capabilities to Guardians on a faster timeline with streamlined costs,” said True Anomaly Chief Product Officer Tom Nichols. “It’s also critical to ensure our range infrastructure remains relevant for customers, and our capabilities and features will be continuously updated in response to new learning objectives and test requirements.”

Safety is also a core element of both the Digital and On-Orbit Range.

“As a company founded by former operators, responsibly maintaining global stewardship of space security, sustainability, and accessibility is woven throughout everything we do at True Anomaly,” Rogers said. “Our vision is a future in which the U.S., its allies, and partners are confident in space readiness thanks to safe, controlled environments in which to educate the next generation of operators and to test and demonstrate cutting-edge capabilities.”

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