Tactics as software.

Mosaic is rooted in decades of combined space operations experience to deliver the first integrated software platform for every aspect of space domain awareness and security. Achieve Mission Command by empowering operators at all levels with a common outlook.

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Human-machine teaming

Mosaic frees up critical time for humans to do what they do best, with mission planning and tactical decision support to augment operators and optimize the OODA loop

Interoperable architecture

There’s no vendor lock with Mosaic’s open architecture, which employs digital models and enables red and blue team simulations, sim-over-live, and live, virtual, and third-party data lake integrations.

From data to decisions

Seamlessly fuse and visualize data from space and ground-based sensors across classification levels for rapid sensemaking.

A deeper operating picture

Reduce training time and operate at speed via a singular interface with a consistent look and feel throughout all applications.


Shared horsepower.

From time-sensitive alerts to scalable autonomy, Mosaic services form a common fabric that powers multiple Mosaic applications.


Timely and intelligent Space Domain Awareness (SDA) alerts during live operations.


High-fidelity modeling & simulation resources.

AI Co-Pilot

Machine assistance, from course of action (COA) recommendations to full mission autonomy.

Data Lake Integrations

Agile data interoperability.

Human command. Machine control.

Mosaic was crafted from the ground-up to work with Jackal, our autonomous orbital vehicle (AOV).

Mosaic was engineered from the ground-up to work with Jackal, our autonomous orbital vehicle (AOV).
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