True Anomaly Announces Two New Board Members

Lt Gen (USSF, Ret.) Bill Liquori

True Anomaly is thrilled to welcome its two newest board members, Lt Gen (USSF, Ret.) Bill Liquori and wireless telecommunications leader James Eisenstein.

Liquori retired from the United States Space Force as a Lieutenant General in 2022, after more than 30 years of distinguished service in both the U.S. Air Force and Space Force. He served as the Space Force’s first Chief Strategy and Resourcing Officer, leading the team responsible for the service’s strategies, concepts, wargame synchronization, and the integration of all Department of Defense space requirements. In this capacity, he also led the development of the Space Force’s international engagement strategy; served as the lead policy interface to the Office of the Secretary of Defense, National Security Council, and the National Space Council; and led the team that built the service’s first two independently developed budgets, resulting in a 40% increase to more than $24 billion.

Post retirement, Liquori founded Polaris Strategic Insight, through which he provides consulting and mentoring for aerospace organizations and individuals. He currently serves on the Intuitive Machines Board of Directors, the First Command Financial Services Military Advisory Board, the team at Partners in Air & Space, and is a Partner with Elara Nova: The Space Consultancy.

“I am excited to join this group of innovators and strategists in developing next-generation space security capabilities,” Liquori said. “True Anomaly's vertically integrated, operator-focused Mosaic and Jackal solutions are exactly the capabilities needed to secure our national interest in space in the face of growing adversarial threats.”

James Eisenstein

Eisenstein co-founded American Tower Corporation in 1995, which would become the largest owner and operator of wireless and broadcast towers in the world. He held the position of Chief Operating Officer of the company and later Chief Development Officer, responsible for seeking out and overseeing all acquisition and development opportunities. After growing the company to more than 16,000 towers, Eisenstein retired from American Tower in 2004.

Most recently, Eisenstein was Chairman and CEO of Grupo TorreSur, a Latin American-focused wireless tower company of approximately 6,500 owned and operated sites. While building GTS, Eisenstein joined the Board of Directors of Eaton Towers Limited in 2012 and became Chairman of the Board in 2014.

Eisenstein currently sits on the Board of Directors of Desktop Metal, Inc. (NYSE:DM); on the Board of Directors of Vantage Towers, a pan-European wireless tower company and one of the largest wireless tower companies in the world; and on the Board of Directors of Tillman Infrastructure, LLC, one of the largest wireless tower companies in the United States.

“I truly believe in the mission of True Anomaly,” Eisenstein said. “I love what True Anomaly is working to accomplish, the strategy it has to get there, and the team that has been built to achieve it. It is wonderful to contribute to an organization that has such an exciting future, and which will be a meaningful part of the future of the space industry.”

“True Anomaly is honored to have Lt Gen Liquori and Mr. Eisenstein join its Board of Directors,” said Even Rogers, CEO & Co-Founder. “True Anomaly is defining a new category and our board needs to be comprised of uniquely qualified individuals who can anticipate customer behavior and navigate the unique risks of a capitally intensive business. Lt Gen Liquori and Mr. Eisenstein will be important partners for me and the rest of the leadership team as we focus on delivering our first major products for space security, dynamic space operations, and Guardian readiness in 2024.”