Mission X Update #1: Ongoing Test and Checkout

Since the successful launch and deployment of the first two Jackal autonomous orbital vehicles (AOVs) on March 4, our Mission Operations team has been working around the clock to establish test and checkout (TACO) milestones for each spacecraft. TACO is the first phase of “Mission X,” True Anomaly’s inaugural orbital flight test and demonstration campaign.  

We’ve been able to confirm the location of both vehicles and that their solar arrays are deployed. The True Anomaly Flight Operations team is leveraging all available resources to complete TACO. We’re leaning heavily on our Mosaic software and pulling in third-party data from our incredible partners, suppliers, and other space domain awareness (SDA) community members.  

Our team is optimistic about the status of Mission X and we are already incorporating observations from this week to drive design decisions for the next mission, coming up soon. We work on fast design cycles to outpace the evolution of the contested operational space environment.