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X marks the future of space security.

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Mission X

Demonstrating the
future of space security.

Mission X includes a series of flight tests in rapid succession to demonstrate agile spacecraft and flight software iteration.

Flight 1 in March marked a significant milestone as the first Jackal AOVs reached orbit. Flight 2 is planned within the next 12 months, with the goal for a Jackal to image other spacecraft while maneuvering in proximity.

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With Mission X, True Anomaly is advancing capabilities that support deterrence and secure space for future generations.

Mission X aims to demonstrate Rendezvous & Proximity Operations (RPO) for advanced non-Earth imaging, test and evaluation, and on-demand training.

The Space Security Challenge

New technology for the new space race.

Space technology is the foundation of the international, rules-based order. Yet a new space race has begun that requires a step change in capability and cost to maintain global security. True Anomaly is meeting the challenge with fast, agile manufacturing, a common operating system, and advanced human-machine teaming.

Act 1: The Space Security Challenge


One intelligent
operating system.

Mission X is powered by Mosaic, the first integrated software platform for every aspect of battle management, C2,  safety of flight, and space domain awareness.

Mission Planner: Plan missions, command spacecraft, and receive telemetry data.


Autonomous orbital vehicle (AOV) for any mission.


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